Tuesday, February 21, 2012

iPad Case

I bought my iPad 2 right after Christmas and I am absolutely addicted to it.  My original intent was to buy a new laptop, something smaller and more portable than my 17' Dell laptop.  It was just becoming way too heavy to travel to class with on a daily basis.  I really wanted a MacBook, but didn't really want to spend that kind of money since my laptop is still functioning well.  Then I looked at netbooks, they are a lot cheaper and fit all of my needs, but once again I wondered if I would regret my decision in another year. 

So, I started researching the iPad.  Since it is rather new to the world, I didn't know if it would be able to accomplish everything I needed to do on a daily basis.  Turns out it does!  There is an app for just about anything! Also, it is so handy to be able to take it to class and access everything I need without my backpack weighing 50 pounds!  

As of right now my iPad sports a teal generic case from Target, but I want to upgrade to a cute case!  I like the portfolio design the best because it functions as both a case and a stand.  These are some of the ones I am lusting after! 

iPad Case iPad Cover Personalized Monogram cover case booklet

I love this monogram & chevron one on Etsy

I love this one too! Find it here.

Tory Burch in gold. Find it here.

Patent leather embossed Coach

Kate Spade hedgehog case. Super cute! 

Now I really have to make a tough decision! 

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