Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hat Obsession

I had a chance to go into Forever 21 this weekend with my friends.  I didn't have much time to shop because it was ten minutes to close, but I noticed the over abundance of cute summer hats!  If I was going on a spring break trip to a beautiful beach (I wish!) I would be in search of the perfect hat.

I am extremely pale and very self conscious of the sun and my skin, so I am always looking for a cute way to protect my face.  I find that the big floppy ones provide the best coverage from the sun.  These are the ones that I am loving. 


My second favorite kind of hat for summer is the fedora.  They started trending last year and they will still be popular this summer!  They don't protect as much of your face and neck, but are still super cute to wear with your swim suit or just around! 


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