Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Recap!

I had a very eventful weekend!  I went bowling with friends on Friday, that was quite an adventure!  Then on Saturday I saw Young the Giant with Walk the Moon at Newport Music Hall.  It was absolutely fantastic!  I liked both bands before I went and now I am in love with both of them.  I am disappointed I didn't take more pictures. :( 

Since I lacked on pictures, I thought I would add a tutorial of how I did my eye makeup for the concert!  

First, you want to apply an eye primer so it stays on all night. My favorite is Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion.  Then you want to cover your entire eyelid up to the arch of your brow with a light shimmery color.  I used bud from Stila's Dream in Full Color palette.  Next, I used a slightly darker brown, fable from the same palette, to cover just my eyelid.  I finished off my eyeshadow by using a dark brown, infinite, into the crease of my eye to achieve the smoky eye. 

Then, I did a winged liner using Stila's sparkle waterproof liquid eye liner in spectrum.  Next, I used Maybelline's Master Drama in Midnight Master to line beneath my eyes and my water line.  I finished the look off by curling my eyelashes and applying two coats of mascara. Voila!

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