Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bracelet Stacks

I was getting my daily fix of Pinterest yesterday when I came across this:

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Now I am dying to create a bracelet stack for myself.  I adore the actual pictures of the bracelet stacks on there.  I usually just wear my Tiffany & Co. i.d. bracelet that my mom gave to me for my 18th birthday.  Now, I have this urge to create my own unique stack!  So much fun! and it involves shopping!  my favorite!

Since I was so inspired by this Pinterest find, I naturally started browsing to find new bracelets.  I have a dilemma though, I don't know whether I like silver or gold better.  I realize I could mix the two, but I like the consistency of just one metal with a pop of color.  I usually wear silver more often, therefore the decision should be easy...... but it's not.  I have been looking at gold bracelets and I am drawn to them.  They are just so gorgeous!

Hmmm.. decisions decisions

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April Birchbox

In case you have never heard of Birchbox, it is a collection of hand-picked beauty and lifestyle samples sent to your door monthly.  Since I am a huge makeup/beauty junkie I decided to sign up for Birchbox last month, so this is only my second month of getting it.  I absolutely loved everything in my March Birchbox and in fact I actually used up every single product!  Therefore I was naturally excited when I knew my April box had been shipped!

My April Birchbox

This month I received the Natural Wonders box.  Now is it just me or does this fit pretty much perfectly with my 21 Day Raw Food Challenge......weird!

In My Box:
  • Befine Skincare Sampler - It came with 2 moisturizers and 3 exfoliating cleansers that are made from all natural ingredients such as rice and brown sugar. 
  • Lulu Organics Lavender + Clary Sage Hair Powder - It is a dry shampoo in an actual powder form instead of a spray. 
  • Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck - Not sure how this fits into the natural category, but boy does it smell good! 
  • Zoya Nail polish in Bevin - The color is a mix between mint and teal and I absolutely love it! 
  • Yes To Blueberries Brightening Facial Towelettes - These remove your makeup, clean your face and brighten with a blend of apple, blueberry, and lemon peel extracts. 

Birchbox did it once again! I love all of the products! 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Raw Food Challenge

I heard that it takes 21 days to break a habit.  Now I don't know how true this is, but it seems pretty believable to me!  

On another note I have been thinking about doing a cleanse for the past month.  I read up on a bunch of different ones and looked at the pros and cons.  My research told me that you experience drastic highs and lows from basically starving yourself and then drinking the sugar packed juice.  

That wasn't what I was trying to accomplish.  

The whole reason I wanted to try a cleanse was to change the way and things that I eat.  I try to eat organic and healthy foods, but it doesn't happen often enough.  

So, I decided to come up with my own "cleanse" if you will.  I'm calling it the 21 day raw food challenge.  I am going to eat all natural and preferably organic foods for 21 days.  I am going to cook and not eat out and when I say cook I mean not from a box or can.  

This is not going to be easy, but I am prepared for the challenge. Also, I am excited! I am hoping that I am going to learn how to cook better and that I will get to experience yummy new foods! 

I am going to keep this updated on my progress, so I keep on track! 

What I made today: Sweet and Sour Chicken
It was sooo good! I am off to a great start!

A Love for Lilly

I have adored the fabulous prints, clothes and accessories of Lilly Pulitzer for quite some time now.  Lilly isn't as big in Ohio as it is on the east coast and in the southern states, but I still love it.  I have really become obsessed lately because they started making sorority prints.  Sigma Kappa was nominated to get a print earlier this year and I can't wait to buy everything when it gets released!

This is the Sigma Kappa print: 

I think it is cute and full of detail, as is every Lilly print.  I love how the One heart, one way is incorporated! 

Lilly has so many other fabulous things besides my sorority print I am stoked for.  They have amazing dresses they are so cute and fit for a lot of different occasions for spring and summer. 

And if that's not enough Lilly for you, you can purchase a Lilly Printed bike! 

p.s. everything can be found for sale at Lilly Pulitzer

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Digital Art

One of my classes this quarter is a digital manipulation course.  When I registered for the class I thought it would just be a course on how to use Photoshop or other digital tools, but it turns out it is a lot more than that.  While I am learning all of the Photoshop skills, it is also about creating digital art.
Now, let me start by saying I love art.  I really enjoy going to museums or just being creative and artistic in general.  So the class combines the two, it should be great right?  Well.. turns out it is a lot harder than I expected.  My professor has such high expectations, she practically thinks we should be professional artists.  Not to mention I don't think she was impressed when I told her I was a Communication major. 

Our first project that we have been working on is a digital self portrait, but not of ourselves, of objects.  It has been taking me forever and I still don't like it.  On the bright side my Photoshop skills are getting immensely better and I have been learning a lot! 

Hopefully the class gets easier and my project comes together! 

Here is what I have so far: 

If I like it enough, I will post the final product when it's finished!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I'm Back!

Well hello there! 
I have been M.I.A. for far too long, but I am really excited to start blogging again! 
Let me recap what happened over my 3 week hiatus (gasp) from blogging.

1. Studied my butt off for finals and passed them all!
2. Celebrated the end of finals and the start of spring break!
(we may or may not have gotten kinda crazy)

3. Celebrated St. Patrick's Day 

4. Went to Cincinnati for spring break and babysat all week
(who could resist these faces!)

5. Started a new quarter!
I am so excited for a fresh start and my Communication classes!

No more 3 week blogging breaks for this girl! 
It's good to be back!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Walk the Moon

Two finals down, one more to go tomorrow!

The stress of my Spanish Exam is over, so I took a moment to jam out to my favorite song at the moment.  It is just so cheerful and puts me in the mood for spring break/summer.  Introducing Anna Sun by Walk the Moon.  The band is actually from Cincinnati, Ohio.  I first heard them when they opened for Young the Giant and I have been in love ever since.  I have a feeling that they will become big here shortly, they are so amazing!  The video perfectly portrays how I feel today!