Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Love for Lilly

I have adored the fabulous prints, clothes and accessories of Lilly Pulitzer for quite some time now.  Lilly isn't as big in Ohio as it is on the east coast and in the southern states, but I still love it.  I have really become obsessed lately because they started making sorority prints.  Sigma Kappa was nominated to get a print earlier this year and I can't wait to buy everything when it gets released!

This is the Sigma Kappa print: 

I think it is cute and full of detail, as is every Lilly print.  I love how the One heart, one way is incorporated! 

Lilly has so many other fabulous things besides my sorority print I am stoked for.  They have amazing dresses they are so cute and fit for a lot of different occasions for spring and summer. 

And if that's not enough Lilly for you, you can purchase a Lilly Printed bike! 

p.s. everything can be found for sale at Lilly Pulitzer

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