Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bracelet Stacks

I was getting my daily fix of Pinterest yesterday when I came across this:

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Now I am dying to create a bracelet stack for myself.  I adore the actual pictures of the bracelet stacks on there.  I usually just wear my Tiffany & Co. i.d. bracelet that my mom gave to me for my 18th birthday.  Now, I have this urge to create my own unique stack!  So much fun! and it involves shopping!  my favorite!

Since I was so inspired by this Pinterest find, I naturally started browsing to find new bracelets.  I have a dilemma though, I don't know whether I like silver or gold better.  I realize I could mix the two, but I like the consistency of just one metal with a pop of color.  I usually wear silver more often, therefore the decision should be easy...... but it's not.  I have been looking at gold bracelets and I am drawn to them.  They are just so gorgeous!

Hmmm.. decisions decisions

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