Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It's All Fun and Games

Typically, when I want to take a break from studying I get out my handy dandy notebook iPad.  I usually check up on Facebook or Twitter to stay connected with the world.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I spend way too much time on both of those.  

Lately, I have been into playing Words with Friends and Hanging with Friends.  They are new digital takes on Scrabble and Hangman and both very easy to play.  While I think both of these are great, it makes me miss playing actually board games!  Maybe I will convince my friends that we should have a throwback game night soon! 

These are some of the games that I definitely miss the most:


Scrabble - It is such a classic.  I never played that much growing up, but if I had time now I would love to play and enjoy a hot latte. So classy.


Jenga - I have been wanting to play Jenga for months now.  I just love the thrill of it.

Hungry hungry hippos!

Hungry Hippos - I am really reliving my childhood with this one.  Honestly, I am still a kid at heart, hence why I still love this game! 


Monopoly - Who doesn't love a 12 hour game of Monopoly?!  The game always takes forever, but I think it is probably the most famous board game ever. 

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