Monday, March 12, 2012

Finals Week

So, I haven't blogged in almost a week. not so good. I have been busy preparing for this dreaded week. Finals week.  Need I say more?  ugh

My load for finals isn't too bad since I took two online classes this quarter.  My Spanish class may be the death of me though.  I have been stressing out about it like no other.  I am not looking forward to taking it  tomorrow, but in the mean time I am just trying to stay positive and study a lot. 

On the bright side, spring break is next week! Woo!!  I wish I was going to a beach where I could lay out all day and get extremely sun burnt.  Hanging out with my friends and enjoying the nice spring weather will have to suffice. 

While studying consumes my life, I do have some studying essentials that I don't think I could live without.

Water - It is really important to stay hydrated. Since I gave up pop, I have noticed that I feel better and also my skin looks a lot better!

A Snack - I have been really into almonds lately.  I also really like granola bars.  Anything that curbs my appetite till I am ready to eat is good!

iPod - Music is a must for me while studying.  I think it helps me concentrate better.  If I'm not listening to my iPod then I am listening to Pandora on my computer.

Flashcards - Hands down the best way I learn.

Colorful Pens - Studying is much more enjoyable if it is in pretty colors.  These are absolutely my favorite pens. 

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